Buying or selling your home is a BIG DEAL and can be intimidating.


Marian Sichel’s expertise in the San Francisco Bay Area real estate market makes the process a breeze.  Whether it’s battling for you at the negotiating table or walking you through the disclosure process, Marian’s 15 plus years of real estate experience takes the pressure off you and places it in the hands of an expert.

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Marian is a negotiator to the core. Her prowess in negotiating stems from her ability to anticipate the direction of dialogue, listen attentively and sift through rhetoric to realize each party’s true negotiating position. Marian utilizes years of negotiating experience to attain the optimal financial outcome for her clients. 

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Marian’s career  is built on longevity of relationships. Her deep insight into Bay Area market trends and connections within the Real Estate industry allows her to realize value when it’s presented and empower you to make informed financial decisions when the moment arrives.

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Marian Sichel Client Testimonials

Marian Sichel represents her clients with unmatched loyalty. She’s made her career by producing results and building lasting relationships.  See what past and future clients have to say.

  • Lisa R.,

    Marian has helped me buy and sell many times. She is the hardest working agent around and won't stop working for you until she gets you what you want.

  • Simon P. ,

    Marian will do many things for you but the one extra special thing I know from personal experience is that she'll find you that dream home when nobody else can!

  • Lauren V.,

    We can't thank you enough for all your hard work and painstaking attention to detail. You are in a totally different echelon than all other realtors we've met or worked with-- even the really good ones. You expertly guided us through all aspects of the process and you always went the extra mile to make sure that our needs were being met-- even when we didn't ask or didn't know to ask. We learned so much from you and we will continue to come to you for recommendations and referrals, as your guidance has always been spot on. Thank you for taking such good care of us and again, for consistently going above and beyond.

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